Log grading and scaling

Profile-it 3D stem and log scanning software

  • Get up to 20% more harvested forest value

  • True-shape 3D scanning

  • True-shape and JAS volume scaling

  • Sweep, wobble and diameter calculation

  • Automatic stem start and end detection

  • Defect detection using deep learning

  • Tree-length optimization (for maximum log value recovery)

  • Scanners can be mounted stationary or on a scanner trolley

  • Display and record images and video of the stem

  • SQL server database for real-time reporting and analyses

  • StanForD compatible

  • Interface with current logging equipment and machinery

  • The software can be customized to your requirements

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Chain conveyor configuration

Scanning operates as independent subsystem.

Machine learning

The Profile-it 3D application can connect to machine vision cameras and by using Deep Learning it can detect defects in the stem. This improves log value recovery. Machine learning is used to detect properties like the cross-cut position and knots. The system can be trained to recognize and detect any visual defect or stem property.

Forestbucker Stem Scanner

Forestbucker Stem Scanner is a portable tree stem scanner and value optimiser. The system will automatically scan and scale a delimbed tree and then calculate the optimal log-grade solution for the stem. Forestbucker is designed to operate at or near the tree harvesting site.

Profile-it 3D is a software component of the Forestbucker system. It uses true-shape 3D scanning and tree-length optimization to provide maximum forest value recovery. The software remotely controls the scanner trolley to automatically scan stem properties like diameters, volume, length, sweep and wobble. Cameras mounted on the trolley provide images of the stem to enable automatic defect detection in the stem, using deep learning. An operator can record additional stem properties like knots and other defects. Read more...

Links and Research

Research paper presented by Joel Scott (WAIARIKI INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY) at the NZIF Conference 2013 in New Plymouth New Zealand.

The evaluation of full stem optimization with the ForestBucker, and comparison with manual log making

TOI OHOMAI (Waiariki) department of forestry and resource management